Vegan haven in Dalston

As a self-confessed gym and protein addict, going to a vegan restaurant may not be the most obvious choice of dinner date. However, in order to catch up with my much-loved (vegan) sister I acquiesced, and opted to try something new. Plus, I will never say no to #cleaneating!

Fed by Water in Dalston ( may be a bit of an effort to get to, but so worth it! This tiny little restaurant is off-piste, and you feel like only those in the know would be lucky enough to go there.

Menu: The restaurant used to serve both vegan and non-vegan food, but the popularity of the former soon triumphed, and their menu became vegan-only. And, surprisingly, even though I am a meat-lover, there are plenty of fantastic options. The premise of the restaurant is on purity (hence the name), creating delicious, Italian food that is 100% vegan.

Interiors: The restaurant is next to Kingsland Shopping Centre in Dalston but, once inside, no sense of the busy-ness of outdoors permeates. The minimalist interiors are brightly juxtaposed with vegan slogans painted on the walls, and the plethora of fresh fruit and veg on show emphasises that everything here is homemade, on site.

Upon entering, we were warmly greeted, and the fantastic service continued throughout. We then swiftly got down to business ordering a couple of sinless (sugar-free) margaritas (pictured), and started with their very popular starter: ‘cheesy balls‘, made out of four different varieties of cashew cheese and served with homemade bread. The ‘cheese’ was creamy and flavoursome, a great option if you are #dairyfree – 5*

It being an Italian restaurant, the obvious choices are pizza and pasta, the most famous of their pasta dishes being their vegan carbonara. However, unfortunately, they were unable to switch spaghetti for a lower carb option of courgetti for me, slightly knocking their star rating down!

Instead, my sister opted for the Nature pizza (pictured) on a hemp seed base, whilst I opted for ‘Raw Ballox‘: raw veggie balls served with dehydrated apple slices, quinoa, courgetti & avocado tartare and, the star of the show, cashew basil ‘cheese’. I also got a side of smoked tofu for some added #protein – 5*

Atmosphere: Despite the restaurant being small (I would guess it seats approximately 30 people), the atmosphere is a pleasant buzz as opposed to impossibly noisy; the tables are well-spaced, and you can opt to either sit a deux, or on sharing benches. – 4*

Overall: A wonderful evening with very attentive staff, and delicious, very different food. The beauty of this restaurant is you could order a standard Italian two courses: bruschetta and pizza, or you could opt for our choices which were a little more adventurous, and something entirely unique to Fed by Water.

And that sums it up: this restaurant caters for vegans, but offers such a plethora of options that non-vegans could have one of the most delicious meals in London here, as I certainly did! The food is rich and packed full of taste, but you do not leave feeling unhealthy. Instead, you are freshly energised, with a pleasant buzz from the delicious margaritas.

Food menu (options available): 4*

Food (taste): 5*

Drinks menu (options available): 5*

Drinks (taste): 5*

Atmosphere: 4*

Service: 4*





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